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Etrucks® logo & badge

Not really news – just enjoying how great our Etrucks® logo and badge look on the trucks at the Warehouse/Noel Leeming launch recently.

E700 tippers

The E700 tippers feature the same battery swap technology as the 6×4 tractor. On this project the 30 unit fleet travels 160km (two round trips) before swapping the battery out. The fast battery swap gets the trucks back on the highway quickly to make the most of the lower operating costs.

Battery swap truck for New Zealand

The first battery swap capable E700 semi tractor for New Zealand is now in final assembly. The E700 ULT 6×4 has a much lower tare weight and features disc brakes and airbag suspension. The worldwide debut for this model will be on our stand at the Fieldays® in June.

Tail lift option

Our first NZ install of a Zepro tail lift has been completed by Alimax on an E300. These are rated at 5990kg GVM and can be driven on a Class One license.

Using a gantry for battery swap

XCMG is delivering a 200 truck metro tipper fleet with a gantry style battery swapping system. Using a gantry rather than the original robotic station makes for a way simpler and cheaper system. This technology is also available for sale in New Zealand.