Our first 12t XC938EV wheel loaders have arrived.

Very tidy layout with the reversing camera integrated in the main display.
Also our first loader with a “bucket shake” button on the joystick.

Our Farizon H9E battery electric refrigerated truck is now registered on highway at 5990kg GVM to allow it to be driven on a car drivers license.
Call us to arrange a demonstration.

A short video of the halo function on the 12″ info screen.

A render of the production version of the battery swapping 21t excavator due for release in early 2025.

We have an interesting triple gun charger available ex stock. Your choice of 43kW Type 2 AC, 60kW CCS2 and 60kW CHAdeMO, $28,700 + GST

The first XC975 PHEV hybrid loader at the factory. The small 130kW diesel starts automatically when the battery SOC falls to 20%. Fuel savings are around 30% on a conventional loader, and even more if you charge it often.
A short video of it operating on battery only is here:

XCMG’s hydrogen fuel cell loader is now in production. It does look a bit strange but you have to put the gas cylinders somewhere.

We can now quote the 55t XC9150 diesel electric loader. These can also be fully electric with a 1080kWh battery.

The 180 tonne operating weight XC9350 wheel loader with it’s 18mbucket at the factory. This one is diesel electric and could be developed as fully battery electric in 2025.