Our Farizon H9E fully electric refrigerated demonstrator has arrived in Auckland. The 8t GVM truck has a 106kWh CATL battery and a Thermoking refrigeration unit. Call us for a test drive of this quality light truck.

Farizon are part of the massive Geely group containing Volvo cars, Polestar and Lotus amongst other brands. Farizon dominate the new energy light truck market in China, currently enjoying 28% market share.
A walk through the EV light commercial assembly facility in Shangrao.

Farizon’s promo video of the H9E series is here:

I had a quick drive of the latest version of our XCMG E700. The F4E5 offers a remarkably low 9,600kg tare weight and dual drive motors for 460kW (615hp) peak power. XCMG delivered 1000 heavy (more than 30T) EV trucks in March.

Our first XC975EV 23t electric wheel loader has arrived and will be used in Rotorua as a log loader.

A video of Blackhead’s XC968EV in Dunedin. The bucket capacity has been increased to load 7 tonne.

One of the first XC968EVs delivered in China has just ticked past 19,000 hours. The battery is showing less than 8% degradation so far, indicating it is unlikely to need replacing during the useful life of the loader. We are now confident that the total cost of ownership of the XC968EV is less than any diesel equivalent.

We can now offer pricing on the XE60E electric excavator, call or email for details.

The 21t electric excavator has a new layout to make battery swapping possible with a hi-ab truck. The battery and counter weight will be swapped out together in under 10 minutes.