Introducing the Windrose E1400 long range electric semi tractor, soon to arrive in New Zealand.Etrucks Windrose E1400 long range electric semi tractor


  • The first Windrose E1400 demonstrator will arrive in late September 2024.
  • We will be able to accept orders for production trucks by mid 2025.

Recent Budget Announcement

  • The grant scheme for clean heavy vehicles was announced in the recent budget.
  • The quantum is $30 million over three years.
  • The grant scheme will mean a significant rebate on large BEV trucks like the Windrose.
  • Full details available in August.


  • The trucks for New Zealand will be assembled by Higer near Shanghai.


  • The maximum GCM of the Windrose E1400 will be 58t for the New Zealand market.
  • This will allow the truck to operate under HPMV permitting with Quad Semi and B Double configurations initially.

Battery choice

  • We have chosen LFP batteries for New Zealand.
  • They can offer a life of 3,000 cycles or more.
  • At 600km per charge that means 1,800,000 km of battery life.


  • The Windrose E1400 can be configured with megawatt charging (MCS) or dual gun CCS2. Either system will allow the addition of 400km of range in 35 minutes of charging.
  • This is an important consideration to future proof the trucks.


  • The Windrose E1400 has a loaded range (49t) of 670km (CHTC-TT)
  • Under New Zealand conditions it will be somewhat less, depending on trailer configurations etc.
  • However the truck will be capable of Auckland to Wellington with minimal on highway charging.
  • Then around half an hour charging and Picton to Christchurch is possible.
  • Then around another half hour charge and carry on to Dunedin.

Battery lease / battery as a service

  • We have partnered with Zenobe to offer a 10-year battery lease, if requested by the customers.
  • That takes the battery ownership risk away completely.

Zenobe Services

  • Battery monitoring & performance validation
  • Initial battery acceptance testing
  • One battery replacement in the 10 year lease
  • Zenobe take risk if truck off road due to battery issue
  • Warranty on battery sits with Zenobe
  • Used batteries repurposed into second life applications.

Energy savings

For TCO on the Windrose E1400 this is an estimate of the potential energy savings.

Kilometres Efficiency Fuel cost Total Annual Cost
Diesel use (at 45t GCM) 100,000 50 l/100km $1.70/litre $85,000
Electricity 100,000 1.2 kWh/km 15c/kWh $18,000
Annual Energy Savings $67,000



  • A recent test at 26t GCM for Decathalon resulted in 913km duration without top up charging.
  • On another test from Beijing to Guangzhou at 49t GCM, the journey of 2253km was achieved with only two on highway charging sessions.

A video of the Windrose in California.

In Las Vegas, Europe ,Wall St and Times Square

General Specifications

  • Windrose 6×4 semi tractor
  • 729kWh LFP battery
  • Loaded range (49t) of 670km (CHTC-TT)
  • Tare 11,975kg
  • GCM 58,000kg
  • Four motor continuous power up to 680kW (900hp)
  • Maximum driving power is 1040kW (1400hp)
  • Drag coefficient 0.2755
  • Full-load 0-100kph acceleration time is 22 seconds
  • Top speed is 120kph
  • Driving cabin space 8.2m3
  • Double wishbone front independent suspension
  • 10 air bag suspension
  • 800V high voltage platform
  • 870kW charging via dual 600A guns
  • Also equipped for MCS charging
  • 35 min charging can add full load driving 400 km,
  • 270 ° surround view + rear image,
  • L3, L4 advanced driving assistance
  • AR-HUD

Warranty 5 years or 600,000km (battery, drive axles, HV etc)

The flat floor cab has remarkably low entry for such a big truck.

A remarkable amount of data available via the info screens.

  • LDW lane departure warning
  • FCW frontal collision warning
  • AEB automatic emergency braking
  • ACC active cruise control
  • BSD blind spot detection
  • DOW doppler on wheels
  • CSW curve speed warning
  • TSR traffic sign recognition
  • LKA lane keep assist
  • LCC life cycle cost
  • IHBC intelligent high beam control
  • MALSO manoeuvring aids low speed operation
  • TPMS tyre pressure monitoring
  • ESC electronic stability control
  • DMS driver monitoring systems
  • AR-HUD augmented reality heads up display

Diesel truck fuel consumption data source: