Etrucks® are delighted to announce we are now the New Zealand dealers for the Windrose E1400 long range BEVs. These very slippery semi tractors achieve a range of 670km at 49 tonne. That means the Auckland to Wellington run is possible with minimal on highway charging, perhaps none at all.

The 729kWh battery can accept either MCS or dual gun CCS2 charging. Either system can add 400km range in 35 minutes. The peak power is 1400hp, with over 900hp being continuously available from the two integrated drive axles.

A demonstration unit will be shipped to New Zealand in September for comprehensive testing. The center-line cabin offers a unique driving experience

Our 12t GVM E400s have arrived in New Zealand. We can now offer fully electric contractors packages with metro tippers, excavators and wheel loaders.
We will exhibit the E400 and the Farizon H9E at Eroads Fleet Day at Mystery Creek on August 7th.

XCMG has now ticked past 25,000 heavy EV trucks (over 30t GCM) sold, and should achieve 10,000 units this year. A drive by of one of the charging areas on a typical day at the factory.

Another couple of XC968EV loaders heading out, this one to Isaac Construction in Christchurch. XCMG are now building 500 electric loaders a month.

This one is off to Bullock Group in Whanganui and is their second EV loader

Thanks to everyone who stopped by at our stand at the Fieldays.