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Introducing Krishna

Introducing Krishna Chand, our new workshop foreman for Landex and Etrucks. Krishna has years of experience running truck workshops in Auckland. To contact Krishna; [email protected] or 0220693571. Great to have you on the team Krishna!

Introducing Lasika

Lasika Premasiri has joined our Etrucks team as a EV technician for the Etrucks. He’s been with us a few months and we finally have a smiling pic! Welcome to the teacm Lasika. To contact Lasika; [email protected] or 0226762314

E700 6×4 tractor

Our E700 6×4 tractor now has on road compliance and is out and about testing for various interested companies

Battery swap station

Plans are underway for New Zealand’s first robotic battery swap station for trucks. The trial station will be located in South Auckland and will be available to several truck companies.