XCMGs 3 tonne fully electric skid steer loader.

They have an AC slow charger on board but can also be DC fast charged


XCMG XC7-SR07E Skid steer loader

Operating weight            2951kg

Rated load                        897kg

Tipping load                     1794kg

Battery size                       38kWh

DC Charge time                1.8hr (15 to 90%)

2.4hr (0 to 100%)

AC Charge time                9hr (15 to 90%)

11hr (0 to 100%)

Endurance                        7hr (depends on application)

Oil flow                              79l/min @ 210 bar

Speed                                16kph

Driving motor                  8.5kW/15kW peak

Hydraulic motor              12kW/20kW peak

Oil flow                              79l/min @ 210 bar

Oil tank                             30l

IEC charging


Posted on

May 9, 2023