First up thanks to Firth for a loan of their fully electric 8×4 mixer truck to exhibit at  Emobility in Auckland last week.

We also exhibited at the NZ Civil Contractors Conference recently, featuring Isaac Group’s fully electric XE35U-E excavator and XC918EV wheel loader.

Our XC968EV with one of Watercare and Ghella Abergeldie’s E700 tippers.

We can now offer 200kWh, and 400kWh charging trailers for grid limited sites. The chargers can offer 50kW each to four machines at once or a maximum of 180kW to one machine. The 200kWh trailers weigh 2200kg.

Back at the XCMG factory the  first 28t XC988 EV loader nearing completion.

The latest shape XE27U-E and XE60E electric excavators at the testing site.
Our E400 tippers have had new bodies fitted and are ready to ship.

A short video is here:
Another video showing some semi tractors from a 600 unit order of E700s

We can now offer the fully electric Shantui DE26X2 in New Zealand. Run time is around 5 hours from a 360kWh battery.

Our site office trailers have now arrived. We will soon tow one around NZ on a promotional tour. Let us know if you would like us to stop by your workplace to view. Pricing is $43,400 + GST including AC, a water heater and the furniture.

First look at a 6×4 hydrogen FCEV that XCMG are developing for New Zealand. The truck features 8 x 385l tanks for 66kg of usable hydrogen.

The domestic version and one of the possible hydrogen power sources.

XCMG now have 4 battery electric XDR80TE’s working autonomously in a mine in Fuchuan.

They also have released vertical battery swap capable and methanol hybrid (ICE to generator) version of the XDR80TE
Battery trailers on a grander scale at the mining equipment factory seen plugged in to a mobile DC charging trailer. Just the thing for that off grid infrastructure project.