It is XCMG’s customer festival this week in Xuzhou to display the latest technology. As part of that festival we can offer discounts on any confirmed new build orders placed until the end of May. If you are considering new XCMG equipment, its a good time to place that order.

The New Zealand launch of the XE35U-E electric excavators will be at the Fieldays, June 14-17 at Mystery Creek. Come and see us at site D24.
A short video of the XE35U-e at the factory is here:

I had a quick drive of the 23t XC975EV electric loader at the factory recently. Super stable on it’s 750/65/R25 tyres.
A short video is here:

Introducing XCMG’s fully electric XC7-SR07E 3 tonne skid steer loader.
A truck battery swap station seen on a fuel station forecourt in Xuzhou. The chargers can also be used for fixed battery trucks, or for private cars.

Our E700 8×4 cab chassis and 6×4 tractor remain the number one selling heavy electric trucks in China for the first quarter of 2023.

I also drove XCMG’s hydrogen FCEV trucks. The 6×4 tractor has 10 x 210l tanks with the hydrogen stored at 350bar. Very similar to an electric truck to drive, except the regeneration braking effect is much less.
A short video moving off in the hydrogen FCEV tipper is here:
XCMG now have two versions of the battery swap capable, autonomous dump trucks. One swaps the battery from above, the other from the side.
This remote control 38 tonne excavator was ready to ship to a steel mill where it will work in temperatures reaching 85C. Apart from the 5G aerial, a few cameras and radar pads it looked much like any other excavator. Full autonomy in excavators will be achieved this year.
Some 21t and 27t electric excavators ready to ship to Brazil.

XCMG’s battery electric, dual drum, 4.5t roller is now in testing. The machine has electric drive motors and Danfoss hydraulics

XCMG also have a 500mm cut BEV road mill in testing. The 7500kg unit has a remarkable 8 hour run time on the 192kWh CATL battery