Last week I made my first trip back to China and XCMG after a three year break due to the Covid pandemic. Innovation and growth have continued at XCMG unabated.

The green ones are heavy duty with 70t GVM for steel mills etc.

This is the first E400 and has been built in RHD for New Zealand. It features an integrated single speed drive axle and 127kWh battery for over 200km duration.

The battery swap station for New Zealand is nearly completed. It is completely robotic and designed to work unmanned. Swap time will be around 5 minutes.

I test drove the prototype 12t XC938EV loader which has a 180kWh battery for 5 to 8 hours run time. This render shows the final design for New Zealand.

The diesel electric XC9150 was also at the test ground. The loader is rated at 15 tonne lift and has joystick steering. It is driven by four hub motors

This inward goods bay at the loader factory used to hold diesel engines. Now a good proportion stores CATL lithium batteries.

XCMGs electric excavators are now available with either fixed or swapable batteries. The swap system allows the excavators to be used more or less continuously and in remote locations, perhaps even in forestry.
The battery electric XE60E has just been released for testing
Tethered electric excavators are available in various sizes, seen here at 60 tonne.

The electric port equipment was on display. Both the reach stacker and empty container handler will soon have swapable batteries for continuous use.
They reach stackers can be fitted with this rotating head to allow rapid emptying of 20 foot open top containers

A video of the rotator unloading a container is here:

Some port equipment in stock

XCMG will open a new, largely robotic factory for access equipment in August. This will allow them to treble output.

Back in New Zealand Gavin Shoebridge seen discussing with our GM Jamie Ryan during a battery swap video for Ecotricity.

Phoenix Metalman’s E700 6×4 made the cover of Trucks and Driver.
The video is here