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Need a quieter truck?

Less noise is an important advantage of electric trucks. The E700 8×4 emits 69dB during acceleration compared with 84dB for the diesel equivalent

Autonomous EV container handlers

XCMG’s fully autonomous container handler is now in testing at the port of Tianjin. This one is an LNG/EV hybrid but they are available as pure EV.

Battery swap system in action

The “battery swap” system was debuted at the factory. A 6×4 fully electric semi approaching the swap station with a refrigerated trailer.

The fully robotic battery swapping system takes only 5 minutes. This is a big improvement on even the best fast chargers.

A video of the battery swap process:

XCMG’s first fully electric ute

Is available in LHD only at this stage. Duration on a charge is 400km and the motor develops peak torque of 800Nm. For comparison NZ’s top selling Ford Ranger 3.2l diesel develops 470Nm.