Battery swapping is now underway everyday in Penrose for various customers.

Some comments from Tony, the driver of the Phoenix Metalman semi:
“ The Etruck is awesome to drive, very smooth and quiet. The battery swap process takes only 5 minutes once the truck is in position. Plenty of low down pulling power and is comfortable at 90km on the motorway. The driving technique varies to the traditional combustion models; gentle on the throttle seems to work better along with looking well ahead to anticipate off throttle & braking to activate the regeneration system back into the battery thus more life/kilometers covered ” 

The first two fully electric 19t XC968EV wheel loaders for New Zealand are now off line and into the testing phase.

Shantui’s first battery electric dozer the SD17E-X

Tom Sarsfield has joined the Etrucks team part time as a trainee EV technician. Tom is in his final year at AUT.

The battery electric XE270E will be released for general sale soon.