A glimpse into the future with XCMG’s XDR80TE-AT. There is no cabin, these are for autonomous operation only. I saw the prototype at the factory a couple of months ago but wasn’t allowed to photograph it. The 80t capacity truck features battery swapping capability for continuous use.

The video is here with a glimpse of the battery swap system at 2.20

These 240t diesel dump trucks have been running autonomously for a couple of years in Mongolia. There are 31 of them in the fleet, the clear advantages are safety and productivity.

Our first battery swap concrete mixer is ready to ship. This one has the latest CATL battery that is 300kg lighter and can now accept dual gun charging (under an 1 hour to 100%) where battery swapping is not available.

Two robotic battery swap stations now open to the public for trucks on the Chengdu to Chongqing highway.

XCMG continues to dominate heavy electric truck sales in China with 19% market share for the first quarter of 2023.

Our E400 tippers will now have the ability to charge EV equipment left on construction sites like the XE35U-E excavator.

A video of Green Gorilla’s XC968EV pushing waste in Drury.

Introducing the XC975EV 23t wheel loader with a 4.3mbucket. The massive 423 kWh LFP battery pack will give a full day of normal loading.